Every day, all around the world, there are many people who have to deal with the unfortunate experience of stepping on dog poop while wearing their favorite pair of shoes. But with this new pair of poop emoji sneakers, you will not give a poop if and when you actually do.

If you've already got poop all over your sneakers, who cares if you step on dog poop or any other kind of poop? That's exactly what some shoe designers had in mind, so they created these totally stylish poop emoji sneakers, the Poo Emoji Light Wing Franklin. While everyone else is getting all upset about their shoes being soiled, you will be walking along, all zen, whether you stepped in poop or not. That's right. The emojis on your shoes will protect you from any and all dog poop. And all for about 70 dollars.

Because who wants to let some inconsiderate, stupid dog owner you don't even know ruin your day anyway?

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Stylin' poop

No more worries