Hae Soo and Wang So FTW! 

This week on Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Ki) is supposed to be crowned king after his wicked brother Wang Yo dies. Yo's reign as king was evil and contributed to the murder of the 10th prince and his wife. In the stills recently released by SBS, IU's character Hae Soo returns to the Wishing Tree to pray that her love with the new king comes true. She looks stunning in her cream-colored hanbok with multi-colored sleeves. 

The fully grown Hae Soo has been standing by Wang So through thick and thin. Despite him pushing her away for awhile in episode 16 to protect her and his own ambitions for the throne, she patiently waited for him to return to her. The court lady's diligence in praying for their relationship illustrates just how much she has matured over the years. Wang Jung (Ji Soo) is featured in one of the photos alongside her. I wonder if Jung will finally admit his true feelings and tell Hae Soo he asked the former king for her as his present. 

What are you looking forward to seeing the most in episodes 17 and 18?

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