A new church with a stunning design is standing tall in Taiwan. Many international media reports have focused on the unusual sight of a giant blue high heel as a tourist attraction. However, there is a very touching story behind the reason to build this church, for which a naming contest is currently going on.

The glittering glass slipper stands 55-ft tall and 36-ft wide. It is made out of 320 panes of blue glass and 1,269 rods of steel, and the construction took about four months. It is located at Ocean View Park in Budai, a seaside township situated along Taiwan's southwestern coast. 

Although the shiny structure is referred to as a church, it is not affiliated with any religion or religious organization. 

According to Cheng Jung-feng, a spokesperson for the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration, the black foot disease ravaged this part of Taiwan during the early 20th century and led to many local women being forced to have their gangrened feet amputated in order to survive. The design of a beautiful high-heel shoe is conceived to hold dear and remember those women who could not walk down the aisle in a pretty pair of slippers on their wedding day.

Cheng said, "Now with the shiny structure, we hope to deliver a message of happiness to the people yearning for a bright future."

Here is a very nice video that shows an aerial view of the giant blue high heel and the surrounding area:

The church will serve as a wedding location and will hopefully jump-start tourism as well. There will eventually be 100 artistic installations around the church, such as lovers' chairs, cakes, maple leaves, to offer photo ops to visitors. The visitors are expected to be mostly women. Even before the construction was completed, many people have come from afar to view the unique sight.

As the church has no official name yet, an open contest is set up via Facebook to invite the public to submit entries. Among the names submitted so far (translated from Chinese) are, Hall of Blue Crystal Shoe, Castle of Dreams, Blue Heart, Bright Blue Meteor, Blue Shoe of Love, Church of Romantic High Heel, to name a few. The contest will end on January 25.

If you are interested in submitting an entry, here is the format to enter a post on the contest page:

@name,陪我去「Cinderella’s shoes」玩 

Copy the sentence above, replace name with a FB friend's name, and replace Cinderella's shoes with your entry.

The new church will officially open on February 8, the first day of Chinese New Year, which ushers in the Year of the Monkey, according to the lunar calendar this year. 

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