Talk about killing two birds with one stone. If you love playing Tetris and you love eating gummy bears, now you can do both at the same time by eating Tetris Gummis! However, not everyone is impressed by this news.

This is the ultimate snack for Tetris lovers! Lion, a Japanese company known for household products like detergents and soaps, has collaborated with SEGA to produce Tetris Gummis. The concept is simple. They made gummy snacks shaped like the blocks in Tetris. The different flavors come in different colors and shapes. Orange flavor comes in orange, grape in purple, melon in green, etc. Sounds fun to eat, but unlike the rave reviews of Healthy Cola by Cola lovers, Tetris lovers aren't too thrilled.

Hard core Tetris players, the best ones, play forever. They love figuring out where to put the blocks, and they play for that sense of accomplishment. Apparently, one bag of Tetris Gummis doesn't have that many gummy snacks, so to actually play Tetris with them, you need to buy at least three bags. "Bullshit! I'm not falling for this candy company trap!" wrote an angry Tetris player. "What's up with having so few blocks in one package?"

One reviewer thought that gummy bears should all be shaped like Tetris in Japan because Tetris is A LOT more popular in Japan than gummy bears. He's got a point. However, after writing a paragraph-long review about what a disappointment the gummy snacks were, he did admit, "But they're delicious!"