Mnet's first music drama Monstar tells the story of a hot-tempered idol star, Yoon Sul Chan, who was forced to go back into school after causing a ruckus and making a bad name for himself. While trying to keep himself out of trouble, B2ST's Yong Jun Hyung, who will be playing the part of Yoon Sul Chan, unintentionally joins the music club at the school, named Monstar. There, he meets a girl named Min Sae Yi, played by Ha Yeon Soo, who only finds joy when playing music. Min Sae Yi transferred from New Zealand, where her duties were to herd the sheep. monstar-003 Coincidentally, in the music club Monstar, all the members have been through some kind of trouble in the past and used music as a method of healing. The drama focuses on depicting a heartfelt story about a group of friends in high school who achieve their dreams, love, and friendship through music. monstar-004 Monstar will air on tvN and Mnet on May 17th. Check out their teaser footage below: (Source: &