A new type of electric bicycle is slated for release this October in Japan, and it lets you walk as you pedal, getting you places as if you were running.

Katayama Kogyo, a Japanese bicycle maker, has come up with a novel electric bicycle. It's actually a tricycle with two wheels on the back, and the pedals are like a stairmaster When you walk on them, they power the bike to a maximum speed of 24 kilometers (15 miles) per hour! So you can basically walk, and it'll be like you're be running super fast, allowing you to get to places you need to get to in no time.

This walking bicycle comes in four colors: Brilliant Red, Moegi Green, Japan Gold and Cherry Pink. Unfortunately, these bicycles are expensive, going for 290,000 yen, or about 3000 dollars. But if they do catch on, prices may fall.

Maybe someday...

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