Emojis have become a part of text communication for quite some time now; many texts are sent and read without any words at all. After all, sending little pictures is more fun than just sending plain words when sending messages. Just recently, a Japanese website was put up that makes playing around with emojis even more fun by allowing you to create pieces of art with your emoji creativity.

Emoji.ink is the website that enables anyone to become an emoji artist. Kazuki Takakura, who by day is an art director for a theater company in Tokyo, designed a website that allows users to select from an endless variety of emojis to create their own pieces of emoji art. Because of the limitless number of choices, virtually anything imagined can be created, all just by clicking on the emojis and dragging them over a black canvas. Sounds easy, but like anything, it will require some work if you want to impress some people. Below are some examples of Kazuki's own work.

For those of you want to give it a try, the site, Emoji.ink, is free of charge. 


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