Who do you want to see on your television screen in 2015? The year 2014 is coming to a close, and it has been 12 months of non-stop hotties. However, some viewer favorites were either on-screen for a short amount of time or not at all. Choosing the right drama, military, and an overloaded schedule prevented the actors below from visiting us on a weekly basis. 

For a news year's resolution, let's take a look at some of actors we sincerely hope will grace our screens in the coming year.

1. My Love From Another Star actor Kim Soo Hyun left dramaland in February. He has been in the hunt for a new series ever since. 

2. Yoo Seung Ho was discharged from the military on December 4. He is scheduled to start filming the period film Joseon Magician in February with the lovely Go Ara. The last drama we saw this cutie in was I Miss You in 2012.

3. Se7en was also in the military for the past two years. He was discharged yesterday. During his music career in Asia and abroad, he starred in Goong S in 2007. It has been too long since this gentleman has greeted us on a weekly basis.

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4. After Kim Bum began dating his Goddess of Fire co-star Moon Geun Young last year, we haven't seen much of him on TV. Now that he is single again, it is time for a Bummie television marathon.

5. Hyun Bin finally plans to return to TV with Jekyll and I next month. His last series was SBS's Secret Garden in 2010. 

6. Daniel Henney has starred in Chinese and Hollywood productions after his main role in 2010 alongside Rain in Runaway: Plan B. It was nice to hear him in Disney's Big Hero 6 last month, but K-dramas need their man back! 

7. Handsome hubby and father Ricky Kim hasn't put his acting chops to work since his brief cameo inSly and Single Again. Yes, he was Yeo JIn's first love.

It's your turn. Is there anyone you would add to the list? 

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