The new Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines, who was recently crowned after an embarrassing mixup, is a fan of Super Junior! Her old tweets from 2009 have surfaced, showing off her preference for Siwon, even jokingly calling herself Mrs. Siwon Choi at one point.

Here are some of the tweets that fans pulled from her Twitter account.

Unfortunately, Siwon is currently serving in the military and has not been able to respond. However, fellow Super Junior member Leeteuk wrote the following post directed at the new Miss Universe.

“Congratulations^^ #miss #universe I heard from the news that there was even the “happening” of announcing the wrong winner. But congratulations to you, an ELF who loves Super Junior, and especially loves Siwon. I also heard that your dress matches our color. (Blue) I want to say congrats one more time!^^”

While it is unclear if she still remains a Super Junior fan, many ELFs claim that once a Super Junior fan, always a Super Junior fan. They also pointed out how perfect her dress color was as it matches the Super Junior fan color of sapphire blue. Was this only a coincidence? 

Are you surprised to hear that Miss Universe is a Kpop fan? How do you think Siwon will react to this news? Do you hope Siwon will reach out to her? Share your thoughts below!

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