According to latest reports, actress Gong Hyo Jin is out of surgery after her left arm was fractured in a major accident involving her car and 2 trucks. Her agency stated on June 20 that Gong should be able to restart filming It’s Okay, That’s Love, the drama series she stars with Jo In Sung in, but the exact date is not determined yet.

On June 20, Gong's agency, Management SOOP, gave an official update saying, 'Gong Hyo Jin is currently hospitalized at a hospital near Seoul. After successfully undergoing surgery for her arm fracture late last night, she is getting rest at the moment. The results of the surgery are good so the actress is taking steps toward recovery. Once her condition improves, it seems that she will be able to rejoin filming for the drama, It's Okay. That's Love.'

They continued, 'However, the exact schedule has not been decided yet, as we are currently discussing details with the drama team. The staff members who were also involved in the accident are receiving treatment at the hospital and resting as well. Additionally, we will let you know if there are any more updates.'

Also, it was separately reported that Gong Hyo Jin's boyfriend, Lee Jin Wook, is very concerned about her condition. It was revealed by someone inside her agency that Lee Jin Wook was probably the first one to find out about her injury and was very concerned, naturally.

Initially, it was reported that her rep said on June 19, 'At 1:10 AM today, Gong Hyo Jin was on her way to Seoul in a car after wrapping up filming for her drama when she was involved in a car accident on the highway and is currently receiving treatment. She is in shock right now.' Later it was found that her left arm was fractured, and she also sustained minor scratches to her face and pain in her knees.

The accident occurred around 1:10 am on June 19 when Gong's car was changing lanes on the Youngdong Highway and hit a 4.5-ton truck in front of it. When both vehicles stopped, her car was then hit by a 2.5-ton truck from behind. Drivers from all three vehicles, along with Gong Hyo Jin, were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

We wish Gong Hyo Jin and everyone involved in the accident a speedy recovery.