A retelling of a popular Korean folktale, My Love Patzzi takes the traditional Cinderella story and turns it joyously upside down. This is one drama in which the hot-tempered girl gets the guy, while the seemingly "nice" girl turns out to be evil and manipulative. Jang Nara of hugely succesful drama Successful Story of a Bright Girl and Kim Rae Won of Love Story in Harvard head this delightfully tragicomic reworking of fairy tale conventions. Quick-tempered Song Yi (played by Jang Nara) and sweet-natured Hee Won (Hong Eun Hee) are best friends as children... until Hee Won steals Song Yi's crush and publicly humiliates her, revealing her true nature. From then on, the two are rivals through high school and beyond, as Hee Won, pretty and popular, presents a sweet face to the world, while blunt, tomboyish Song Yi is outcast. When Song Yi gets fired from her job, Hee Won offers her a job as the amusement park where she works. Song Yi accepts, only to find that Hee Won, bent on humiliating her yet again, has given her a job as the park's mascot. Gradually, however, she makes her own way at the park and finds a job which suits her better - but everything changes when one day her old crush, Hyung Sung (Kim Rae Won) appears. Meanwhile, Hee Won continues to sabatoge her and get away with it at every turn, and Song Yi, finally pushed to her limit, sabatoges one of the park's float trains during a parade, hoping that Hee Won will get blamed. Unfortunately, however, Seung Joon (Kim Jae Won), the son of the park's president, is caught on the float, and Song Yi is forced to risk her own life to save him. Seung Joon is charmed by her courage and kindness, and the two begin seeing each other, but what will happen when he discovers that it was she who caused the accident? And what about Hyung Sung, who has become good friends with Song Yi and to whom she always turns when in trouble? It's a battle of the evil, charming princess and the rude, kind-hearted "stepsister" in this fairytale about how looks can be deceiving. Watch My Love Patzzi now on DramaFever!