jyj4 Fashion brand NII has secured the charming JYJ to continue as the brand's exclusive model. NII has been successful in past years, especially due to its ongoing Heart campaign. Their latest Heart campaign comes just in time for Valentine's Day and features the guys of JYJ winning your hearts with their playful and cute charisma. The theme is "I Want You." Who can resist? ParkYuChoon   Park Yoo Chun uses his prop in a very interesting manner: ParkYuChoon2   JaeJoong   Rocker Jaejoong shows off his flower prince side: JaeJoong2   jyj Junsu dons the nerdy-meets-prepster style for this shoot: jyj2 jyj3 They all come together for a group shot, with cake! Note: Junsu got frosted by Jaejoong. So there you have it—three different styles, three different charms. Which JYJ member won your heart the most? Who would you pick? (Source: www.couchkimchi.wordpress.com)