Acclaimed fashion photographer Mika Ninagawa recently photographed Substitute Princess star Nikki Hsieh in the March issue of Vogue. We love the photographer's signature dream-like images: NikkiHsiehVogue06 NikkiHsiehVogue01 NikkiHsiehVogue02 NikkiHsiehVogue03 NikkiHsiehVogue04 NikkiHsiehVogue05 NikkiHsiehVogue07 NikkiHsiehVogue08 NikkiHsiehVogue0109 NikkiHsiehVogue10 NikkiHsiehVogue11 NikkiHsiehVogue12 NikkiHsiehVogue13 NikkiHsiehVogue14 Nikki stated that she has been a fan of Mika Ninagawa's work and was honored to work with her. Ninagawa's themes always include brilliantly colored florals and goldfish, with beautiful women along side of them. "It is impossible to extend the life of a blooming flower or gold fish," explained Nikki when asked about working with the photographer's trademark themes. "I like that the color seems about to burst and decay--that moment--it's not perfect, but it is reassuring." Have you been keeping up with Substitute Princess? What do you think of Ninagawa's work? (source:,