Some people say life is all just a game. If that's the case, so is marriage! A wedding company in Japan has taken that sentiment literally, creating a wedding cake that resembles one of the most popular game consoles in the history of gaming.

The Family Computer, known as "Famicon" in Japan and the NES in the States, is an iconic console, owned by many of us adults when we were kids. Rushing home to play Super Mario Brothers is something that many of us did. Thirty years later, game consoles and games themselves have evolved into something we never could have imagined, and the kids of thirty years ago are now adults who have real jobs and even get married.

Since married life is just like a game, a wedding planning company in Japan has just the wedding cake for you. It is an NES cake, and it looks exactly like the old game console. When the newly wedded bride and groom are ready to cut the cake, a cartridge with a photo of the couple is inserted into the console. The music starts (game them of your choosing), and it's time for the game to start! 

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Weddings, after all, should be fun. So get an NES wedding cake with your lifelong partner and get ready to play!