Martial arts historical drama Nirvana in Fire 2 is one of those dramas that gets better and better as you follow the compelling story. It is currently entering the phase where the young hero will avenge his family's honor and loss. However, a greater surprise may be what the rising young actor Liu Hao Ran has revealed.

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When the long anticipated sequel to the acclaimed drama Nirvana in Fire was finally released, fans found a nice surprise in a new story that unleashed new intrigue, new villains, and of course, new heroes.

It wasn't a great surprise that the drama starred a top leading man, Huang Xiao Ming, to anchor the show.

It was a surprise, however, to see a young and relatively unknown actor, Liu Hao Ran, among the leading cast. Furthermore, midway through the drama, Huang Xiao Ming's character is killed by vicious foes, and the younger brother, played by Liu Ho Ran, takes over as the main lead for the story's avenging hero.

It turns out that it was a surprise to Liu Hao Ran too.

When the young actor took on the role, he was only 19 years old (now 20). Although he had started a successful acting career, primarily in movies, he would be starring in his first historical drama. He was, therefore, greatly surprised to find that his character had many heavy-duty scenes in the script.

He stars as Xiao Ping Jing, the younger brother whose arc started from an impetuous young man living a privileged life, but transforms into a national hero after enduring tragic losses and bitter betrayal. If he doesn't perform well, his character will not be convincing in carrying on the weighty duty of the drama's conclusion.

Liu Hao Ran now admits he had a sense of insecurity and lack of experience when he started the drama, and thanks Xuang Xiao Ming for helping him in many ways. He even learns just by watching the top actor stand. For instance, he says that "showing the stature" by how a character stands is critical to capturing attention in a historical drama. He adds an interesting aside — Unlike Huang Xiao Ming, who gained weight to play his character, Liu Hao Ran had to go on a strict diet to lose weight for his role.

The young and handsome actor is quite humble in attributing his success to learning from the senior actors. He is actually quite a natural talent. Although he originally thought he would enter a career in finance or architecture, he captured attention right from his movie debut in Beijing Love Story. He won Best New Actor and Best Actor for the movie Detective Chinatown, which also achieved commercial success. That all happened before he was accepted by the prestigious Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. With his performance in Nirvana in Fire 2, he is on his way to a bright future.

The following clip showcases his martial arts moves, and you may want to also check out episode 36 and 37 to see his emotion-laden scenes.


Nirvana in Fire II - 琅琊榜之风起长林

Starring Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Hao Ran

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