Popular actor Hu Ge has just won a rare honor—He is the first Chinese celebrity to have two different wax figures at Madame Tussauds. It is icing on the cake for the Nirvana in Fire star who just celebrated his 34th birthday. Hu Ge even got to have some fun with his "clones." Take a look at the photos. Which figure is your favorite?

Back in April, it was reported that Madame Tussauds Shanghai was going to make two wax figures for Hu Ge. One figure was known to be a modern look, for the Shanghai-born actor who in January was appointed a 2-year term as the tourism ambassador for China's most populous city.

The other figure was shrouded in secrecy. Fans have been guessing whether it would be from Chinese Paladin, the drama that first propelled Hu Ge to fame, or Nirvana in Fire, the award-winning drama about a hero who came back from a crushing defeat, which reminds fans of Hu Ge's own resurgence from a deathly car crash that almost destroyed his face.

After months of waiting, it's been revealed that Hu Ge's costumed figure is that of Nirvana in Fire's leading character Lin Shu, masquerading as Mei Chang Su. The unveiling took place on September 16.

Hu Ge was very pleased upon seeing his "clones." What do you think of these fun photos?

Which one do you think resembles Hu Ge the best?

Hu Ge himself said that he's very happy to have a twin, a wish he had when he was a young child.

The popular actor becomes the first Chinese celebrity to have two different wax figures in a Madame Tussauds gallery. The timing couldn't be better. It celebrates the one-year anniversary of Nirvana in Fire's release on September 19, 2015, as Hu Ge turns 34 on September 20.

Happy Birthday, Hu Ge!.

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