Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has recently announced its collaboration with one of Japan's most successful mangas, offering a limited edition Serena Highway STAR S-HYBRID minivan. But getting your hands on one of these limited edition One Piece vehicles will require a lot more than just money.

Named the "Thousand Serena," this special offer is not just for anybody. To come into possession of this special minivan, prospective customers must first enter a lottery. And unfortunately for single adults and married couples with no children, this lottery is closed to them. Only those with children are allowed to enter, significantly raising the odds of winning for those who fit the criteria. There are only nine vehicles available, so whoever wins the One Piece "Thousand Serena" will own a truly limited edition minivan. Other drivers and pedestrians will surely notice your colorful ride as you drive your family around town.

The price for the minivan is 3.25 million yen, or about 27,000 USD, which is not much considering the fact that customers will own one out of only nine in the whole world. Winners will also be given a card which has about 400,000 yen, or about 3300 dollars worth of gasoline, enough to take a trip around the world on the "Thousand Serena" with your family. Sounds like a pretty cool promotion.

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"Let's go on a future-creating adventure with the new Serena!"