BNT discovered three sides to the talented actor! No Min Woo perfected the natural, humorous and macho concepts BNT chose in his latest pictorial with them. His versatile acting helped him express each mood effortlessly. The My Unfortunate Boyfriend star also sat down for an interview with the internet newspaper and discussed the topics of friends, role models, acting, and beauty. 

He and the former TVXQ member Jaejoong were once labelmates under SM Entertainment. They both debuted in the early 2000s as singers. "I was really close with JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong even before my debut," said the former TRAX member. "He′s a good hyung whom I′ve been close to since I was in middle school."

The celebrity he idolizes the most is Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. "Seeing an actor that doesn′t try to show just his cool side but remains true to the role and isn′t afraid to ruin himself is really cool. I′m trying to show a lot of different sides like Johnny Depp."

In regards to acting on his latest drama Angry Wife and the attention he receives because of his good looks, he had this to say: "I tried to show a side that wasn′t made up. I think I was able to be more sentimental because I learned a lot about how to cherish and love a woman through the awesome roles I have played while acting... I think the attention you receive with your looks can vanish at any moment. Right now, I′m accepting the comments about my appearance, saying that I look pretty, as a good thing."

What do you think about his surprising confessions to BNT International? Do you share his admiration of the legendary star too? 

Watch No Min Woo in My Unfortunate Boyfriend:

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