No Min Woo's label made a surprising revelation today. 

While we were thinking about Thanksgiving weekend plans, the My Unfortunate Boyfriend star enlisted in the military. His reps at MJ Dreamsys confirmed to the media that he entered training camp early last month. "No Min Woo will return in 2 years after completing his duty for the nation," they explained.

Enlisting quietly has become a hot trend among male celebrities in recent years. It seems they don't want to upset their loving fandoms, so they go away discreetly under the big discharge day arrives. His supporters didn't see this coming with his J-Pop single album GRAVITY hitting stores last month. The 30 year-old star released it under the stage name MINUE and continued to update social media accounts on a regular basis.

Well, let the countdown begin! Our lovable flower boy is scheduled to return to us in 2018. In the meantime, you can cry, laugh and cheer for No Min Woo in a K-drama marathon. Feel free to get started on fan favorites like PastaMidasFull House Take 2 and The Greatest Marriage.

How much will you miss No Min Woo while he serves in the military? 

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