Actor and musician No Min Woo is stunning as Yeon Nam Saeng in the historical K-drama Sword and Flower.

Now being totally honest, I haven’t watched this drama yet because I’m already watching one historical drama, Jung Yi: Goddess of Fire, Two Weeks, Good Doctor, The Master’s Sun and the throwback drama Winter Sonata (and of course I also have a life!). However, I recently came across this photo of No Min Woo and almost needed to be put on life support!

I had no idea he was going to be in Sword and Flower! He really needs to stop surprising me because this is the second time in, like, I dunno, 3 weeks he’s come out of nowhere! If you finished Monstar, then you also saw his fabulous cameo appearance! So anyway, back to Sword and Flower; um look at him! His hair extensions look fantastic twisted into a chic pony tail with some bangs/fringe that any girl would love to have. His cheek bones are totally defined, and I love how his brows are arched upwards. It's just so disgusting how perfect he looks!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE