Actor and idol No Min Woo recently appeared on the variety show Magic Eye, where he ended up having to announce to the world that he is not gay.

So the host of the show, superstar singer Lee Hyori, confronted No Min Woo with a huge print out of 3 selcas (self- taken photos) he had taken a while back that supposedly fueled the "No Min Woo is gay" rumors. 

When Lee Hyori asked about the photos, No Min Woo responded with this: "Because of this photo, I had rumors that I'm gay. This is the photo I uploaded for my fan club. The fans like these kinds of photos. Through this broadcast, I want to show that I'm not gay."

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Just so everyone can see, here is the photo collage to which Lee Hyori and No Min Woo are referring.

Sorry, but as usual, it just seems like crazy netizens took a simple situation and blew it up just to cause trouble. Now of course, No Min Woo is pretty and perfect; but so are 90% of the other idols and actors that live in K-Land. Personally, all I see when I look at this photo is a good-looking guy who shares the same dimple placement as myself and is holding a naked little doll, who, if it could talk, is totally saying, "SURPRISE I'M NAKED YAY!"

But what do you think when you look at those photos? Are netizens as usual just being too much, or can you understand how photos like these might bring up questions about No Min Woo's sexuality?

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KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE