No Min Woo is preparing to star in the upcoming DramaFever exclusive series My Unfortunate Boyfriend, opposite Bride of the Century's Yang Jin Sung. In the series, he will play a boyfriend who believes in the truth with a girlfriend who lies at her own convenience. We don't know what his styling will be like as the unfortunate boyfriend, but his drama history shows that this actor isn't afraid to try anything! He has had the full range of looks from complete crazyville to suave and sexy. Here are No Min Woo's various drama ensembles, ranked from the worst of the worst to the very best:

11. Full House Take 2

Clearly the worst. Every single thing about this is bad. That hair color. That perm. That shirt. It all adds up to be one giant crime against Min Woo-manity.

10. Greatest Marriage

Remember back before his character became a completely terrible, irredeemable person? Well, maybe his polkadot chef hat or ridiculous tucked in T-shirts should have been a warning that the crazy train was just around the corner.

9. Monstar

So, you get No Min Woo for a cameo, and you...give him a tan bowl cut?

8. Hilarious Housewives

This was No Min Woo's first drama, so it kind of gets a pass, but that feathered haircut is bordering on mullet territory.

7. God's Gift — 14 Days

I guess this makeup works if you're playing an idol named Snake, but that makeup makes him look like he's running a fever.

6. Mrs. Town

Decent clothing, and the feathered look is less stiff than #8. Not my favorite, but not terrible.

5. Rock, Rock, Rock


In this docu-drama, he was playing legendary guitarist Kim Tae Won, which explains the styling. Sometimes the look works for Min Woo, and sometimes it doesn't.

4. Midas


His hair is in that awkward fluffy stage between short and long, but otherwise, not too shabby...

3. Pasta

Dear Greatest Marriage, if No Min Woo must dress like a chef, this is how it's done.

2. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

No Min Woo at his (almost) best. At times they overdid it with the lip gloss, but it's No Min Woo in a suit! What are you complaining about?

1. The Sword and the Flower

Normally sageuk hair wouldn't even crack the top 10, but come on — no man has a right to be that insanely beautiful.

Which look was your favorite? What type of styling are you hoping to see in My Unfortunate Boyfriend? The series premieres exclusively on DramaFever on April. You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE. In the meantime, enjoy No Min Woo as a sexy gumiho hunter in My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: