Actor, singer, and musical prodigy No Min Woo is gorgeous, and so is his hair. Now sure, you could say this is just a cheap ploy at posting photos of No Min Woo, which in that case you would be correct; but his hair is awesome too so technically speaking, this is an awesome excuse and you know it! Over the years he’s experimented with all sorts of styles and hair colors you may have really loved or really hated. So because this is such an important topic to address, I went ahead and gathered photos of him during various points in his career showcasing awesome hair styles.

Big and Blond

For those of you who don't know, No Min Woo is a real rockstar and debuted in the rock band The TRAX in 2004. He even went by the stage name "Rose" and was the bands drummer. No Min Woo also plays guitar and piano hence the whole "musical prodigy" thing.

Ok, so his hair was like it's own person at that time but he was still extremely hot!

Sleek and smooth

His hair looks amazing, I love the color and his face is just everything. I have yet to see a guy who didn't look good with this hairstyle.

Long and Wavy

I LOVED his long hair! He looked so hippie-ish and beautiful with it. Look at that lip pout!

Brunette and Permed like a Puppy!

I actually like this hair color on him. I'm not usually a fan of the perm but I sort of really like it. It's messy and cute and reminds me of my puppy's ears. ^_^

Side Swept Bang Luxury Fabulousness of EVERYTHING!

Ok, not gonna lie this is one of my favorite photos of him! It's been wallpaper for my laptop and cellphone! He looks so pretty and perfect with his dark hair and long bang/fringe. Plus I'm in love with that white furry thingy he's wearing because I'm totally tacky that way anddddd we both share the same weird dimple placement. I look at this photo and I just wanna caress his face but not in a weird way what so ever #ShutUpDontJudgeTheWayiLoveHim

That Scrunchy Wet Look

You know when you don't have naturally curly hair but want waves in your hair, you wet it and then use a bunch of gel or mousse in it while scrunching it up?! You might even leave it to naturally dry or blow dry it for that super crunchy look and feel! They totally did that to him and he's probably the only one who can get away with it because let's be honest; the wet crunchy look really isn't cute. Sorry if you rock out in this style but at least now you can ummm stop? No Min Woo, you may continue to do this if you so choose to. #DontHateCuzYourNameIsNotNoMinWoo

Glossy and in the Spotlight

He's literally glowing and his hair is literally shining! I love that small side sweep and peek at his perfect eye brow.

K-Drama Hair at it's Finest!

K-Drama Confession: I have not seen My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox but I do know this was No Min Woo's hair during the filming of it.

Let us all take a moment to thank the hairdresser who sculpted this haircut so perfectly. Notice the way it frames and compliments his nose, lips, and defined jaw.

Lee Tae Ik, I hear the hair haters already!

O.M.G Full House Take 2 was my obsession and Lee Tae Ik is one of my favorite characters because he's pretty much my ideal guy, but sooo many of my DF Besties were hating hardcore on his hair! Now granted this specific hairstyle of Tae Ik was a bit unique because of the thick waves and color but it was so versatile!

Tae Ik's hair went from waves to...

Idol sexy, side-parted hair that he wore on stage while singing that song "You can touchhhh" that stayed stuck in your head for hours after, to...

Manic poodle with a mini Snooki puff which was perfect because whenever he rocked this style he was for sure in a manic state of mind!

So in conclusion Tae Ik's hair was awesome and all you hair haters can keep right on hating! :p

You're sexy and so is your hair!

Don't you just wish he would just I dunno magically appear on your bed...or couch if you wanna be conservative about it. I love this shade of blond he has going on and I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but he is really good about changing his brow color to match his hair. One thing I cannot even deal with is people who change their hair color to a lighter shade but act like their brow color is totally fine being jet's not totally fine at all.

The Feels Won't Allow Me to Title This

Hmm does this photo of him remind you of anyone? I won't tell you who I'm thinking of so you have to guess, but I mean just everything! The outfit, the shades, the jaw and perfect makeup all topped off by that sexy side swept hairstyle again!

Say No to the Bowl!

What is with this?! I'm sorry but grown men shouldn't be walking around with straight up bowl haircuts like this. No Min Woo is a beautiful puppet looking person as it is, but this horrible cut just puppet-fies him into over kill! Yet, on the other hand, if you just stare at this photo for awhile like I currently am, you will say "Well maybee on just youuu it's okay."

Historical Hair Hotness

Just in case you weren't clear on the fact No Min Woo is prettier than you, 20 photos later here he is with long hair and a great bang/fringe in Sword and Flower to make sure you've gotten the memo.


No Min Woo is rocking out literally with new hair and new stage name since he formed a new band a few months ago. His new stage name is "Icon" and he still has the bowl cut but at least he side-parted and styled it. #EPIC

No Min Woo has a great hair history and we should all be excited for the future of his hair!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE