Ever since the departure of Hayao Miyazaki, fans of Studio Ghibli from around the world have been eagerly waiting to hear news from the Japanese animation studio, especially after they announced a temporary break from production following Miyazaki's retirement. But just recently, the studio unveiled plans for a 2016 release of a new animated feature film to be made in collaboration with European production company Wild Bunch.

The film, titled The Red Turtle, will be directed by award-winning Dutch-British animator/director/illustrator Michael Dudok de Wit, with a screenplay that has already been written by Pascale Feran, a French screenwriter. The visuals, however, will be produced by Studio Ghibli. Isao Takahata, who directed worldwide hits such as Grave of the Fireflies and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, will oversee much of the production of the new film as its artistic producer. Working with Dudok de Wit should be no problem for Takahata since the Dutch director and his works have been heavily influenced by the use of brushstrokes in Chinese and Japanese art. For The Red Turtle, Dudok de Wit temporarily moved to Tokyo so that he could work on the narrative and storyboard at Studio Ghibli with Takahata himself. Being that this will be the first time in Ghibli's history that they are producing what's essentially pretty much a foreign film, fans are curious and excited to see what kind of picture they'll be seeing on the big screen.

The Red Turtle is set for release in Japan in September of 2016.

Here's an Academy Award and BAFTA Award winning short by Michael Dudok de Wit so you can see his style:

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