Don't worry — we are not talking about City Hunter. In case you didn't know, Lee Min Ho's name has been used without permission to sell cosmetic face masks. The good news is that the famous Korean actor has won the lawsuit against the companies that violated his rights. Find out more details here.

Starhaus, Lee Min Ho's agency, has announced that "According to Seoul Western District Court’s decision made on September 9, companies ‘T,’ 'K,’ and ‘G’ have unlawfully used Lee Min Ho’s name to sell facial masks without the consent of his agency, and they will no longer be able to sell products using his name.”

“These companies produced these products without discussing it with the agency. This is a breach of Lee Min Ho’s personality rights, while also negatively affecting numerous average consumers and those who travel to Korea from other countries, " according to Lee Min Ho's lawyer Son Suk Bong. 

The lawsuit, originally filed in June, is a stern warning for companies that use an actor's image without authorization. As a result of the lawsuit, those companies will have to stop selling the masks and take down any promotional materials that used Lee Min Ho to advertise the products.

For Lee Min Ho, these unauthorized products not only violate his rights but also compete with authorized brands that the actor may be a spokesperson for.

Congratulations to Lee Min Ho winning the lawsuit!

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