It looks like women in Japan don't really need actual boyfriends anymore. With services that already rent out boyfriends to go out on dates with you, attend weddings, or even make you cry and wipe away your tears, dealing with the hassles of real relationships has become something women in Japan can avoid.  And now, there's another situation in which you can rent out a hot guy. For all the ladies who have trouble falling asleep at night, there's Rose Sheep, a company that'll provide them with good looking guys to come over and cuddle in bed for as long as they need.

Despite what many people may assume, sleep companion provider Rose Sheep is not soliciting prostitution. Regardless of how shady it sounds, the company is only interested in helping lonely Japanese women fall asleep in comfort because everybody deserves a good night's sleep. Based out of Tokyo, this service is quite pricey, but that's because the sleeping companions are all in their 20s and 30s and highly qualified. Prices vary depending on the length of service requested. Prices are 20,000 yen, or about 170 dollars, for a two-hour nap session to 50,000 yen for a six-hour sleep session, and 100,000 yen for a 16-hour slumber session. Your man can even cook for you and be your dinner companion for the night, and if you want, he will even pour you a few glasses of wine so you can relax after a long day, then get under the covers and snuggle. The handsome sleep companions will provide their own pajamas, but you are free to have something ready for them if you do have certain fetishes — I mean, preferences.

Again, Rose Sheep is against any form of prostitution. Good night!

"Hi, my job is to sleep."

"Ready for a nap?"

"You must be exhausted?"

"I'll be your rose sheep for the night..."

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