Shedding a few tears when chopping up onions is no big deal. But sometimes, just sometimes, certain onions can cause your eyes to sting and your tears to flow down your cheeks. But crying sessions in the kitchen are about to become a thing of the past, as a Japanese company just announced the release of the world's first-ever tear-free onions!

After over two decades of blood, sweat and tears (literally) shed during tireless research, scientists for House Foods Group in Japan have succeeded in creating onions that will no longer make you cry. Called "Smile Ball," this new onion doesn't have the tear-inducing irritant called syn-propanethial-S-oxide in it anymore. In conventional onions, this is what's released into the air when knives cut through them. What the scientists figure out was that by attacking the onions with radiating ions, the syn-propanethial-S-oxide was suppressed, resulting in no tear-inducing gases being released into the air when the bulbs were cut up with knives. Another effect of this is a sweeter and less pungent flavor to the onions, almost like apples or Asian pears. 

Almost five tons of Smile Balls have already been sold in selected supermarkets in Tokyo and also online, but come this fall, they will be available nationwide.  But there's always a price to pay for happiness. Smile Ball onions are twice the price of regular onions in Japan, going for 450 yen for two, which is about 4.30 US dollars. Quite expensive, but at least you'll be smiling instead of crying while you're preparing dinner.