If your dog's a biter, putting on a muzzle might stop the biting, but it might also make your sweet dog look more vicious, aka like Hannibal Lector. For that problem, there's a muzzle called Quack.

Check out "Quack: The Muzzle that Doesn't Look Like a Muzzle." Instead of a cold, hard muzzle, your dog can wear a bill that'll make him/her look like an adorable, half-duck dog. Unlike most muzzles that are made of cloth, plastic, leather or even metal, Quacks are made out of silicone, making it comfortable for the dog and easy enough for the owner to handle. No more worrying about the false troublemaker reputation of your actually sweet, playful dog who just gets a little bit too aggressive!

These pink, brown and yellow muzzles come in small, medium and large, and retail at 3150 yen. Unfortunately, they sell on Rakuten, an e-commerce site, and the manufacturer of Quack doesn't ship internationally. So for now, only in Japan.