The Japanese snack and soda industry has done it again. In December 2015, Calbee, Japan's premier snack producer, teamed up with game arcade giant Namco to produce the world's first cola-flavored potato chips. And now, just four months later, the two companies have come up with an even crazier product. Let me introduce you to . . . again, the world's first . . . potato chip flavored cola!

Yes, you read that right. No need for chips if you've got this soda in your hand. Part of a marketing campaign for Namco games and arcades, this original cola is like no other that's ever been made before. Unlike its predecessor, a bag of cola-flavored potato chips, you can drink this snack. You won't have to get yourself potato chips to go with your cola because your cola will taste like chips! How a soda that tastes like chips is supposed to quench your thirst is beyond me, but as mentioned above, this is strictly for marketing. This cola, unfortunately, is not for sale. It must be won at participating Namco arcades, through the popular UFO Catcher (claw crane) games.  And it's not like these games are easy, so it's really a prize gamers have to fight for.

According to an official product statement from Namco, the potato chip cola is supposed to quench your thirst just like you had a cola, but also make you feel like you just ate a bag of chips. But what if you get thirsty from that? Then you have to win another cola playing UFO Catcher, and you can take sweet gulps of your prize cola. Then you'll feel like you just had some chips again, and that's going to make you even thirstier. Then back to the game . . .

UFO Catcher with the prizes inside

Potato chip cola

Cola potato chips