Another new year, another day riding the subway with no pants around the world. Participants took to the streets internationally yesterday to take part in the Improv Everywhere’s 13th Annual No Pants Day Event.

The event begins with everyone gathering together (pants on) in a common space to be told what will happen. They then break off, board the subway, remove their pants, and experience the ensuing hilarity. Here's an account of the experience in New York City:

The origin of the event began on January 10th, 1986, when a New York City resident accidentally forgot to wear his pants and boarded the subway. He was embarrassed at first, but was excited about the grins and giggles that he got. The next year, tens of pants-less friends joined him on his trek through the subway.

Here are some pictures from around the world on 2014’s No Pants Subway Ride Day:

In Bangalore

In Beijing

In Hong Kong

In Kiev, Ukraine

In Mexico City