We had some fun this year creating a holiday card for all our viewers starring Lee Min Ho and Psy on the streets of New York! But in case you thought this photo was Photoshopped, the behind-the-scenes photos below reveal that it was all too real. Well, most of it. First, we found the perfect holiday backdrop, right in front of NYC's famous Flatiron building. We knew our giant Lee Min Ho and Psy heads would come in handy some day! Our able assistants Kunku and Laura Eve prepare the shot, with David and Jeremy modeling.

Okay, Kunku is too short (sorry Kunku!) Dan steps in to help, as our models really get into the festive spirit!

Maybe a cute head-tilting pose?

 It is pointed out that since Lee Min Ho is facing away from the scene, he should be on the right-hand side. Horse-dancing ensues. Next we tried to get a mid-air action shot. Why did we try to do this without Photoshop again? An extra shot of the background (okay, we *did actually use Photoshop to remove the assistants)! Lee Min Ho just can not stay out of frame! And here's the horse dance in action! At this point, several tourists begin taking their own photos of the DramaFever staff making fools of ourselves. We hope you enjoyed our 2012 Holiday card as much as we enjoyed making it! Have a great new year in 2013 everyone!