We're all in favor of doing things in a casual and relaxed way, but these two Ukrainian men might be a little too chill. The two adventurists recently climbed the Shanghai Tower like most of us would brush our teeth. The spiral building will be 121 stores tall once it's completed, and that comes out to be over 2,000 feet. The structure is made of steel and glass, and in order to the reach the top, the men have to scale some red scaffolding that would even make James Bond terrified.

The duo climbs it like it's nothing, and at no point do we see any kind of harness or safety restraint. They're dressed sort of like ninja mountain climbers, and they carefully toe the building and the swirling winds at the top of the tower.

Check out the amazing footage of their climb, and trust us when we say it's scary even watching it from a very safe desk.

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