Here is a restaurant that might make for a very weird date night. With a soft opening on October 11th, Magic Restroom Cafe is the first ever bathroom-themed cafe to hit the United States. The cafe is covered in toilets and urinals and if that makes you a little nauseous don't try their signature dish, "golden poop." Even though it's only chicken wings, tofu and rice, golden covered poop is not exactly something that you like to think about when eating.

The menu is Taiwanese-inspired and also features, "black poop," a chocolate sundae, and "bloody number two," a vanilla and strawberry sundae. Try not to throw up while ordering that! Restroom-themed restaurants have seen a rise in popularity in Taiwan and other Asian countries, but this City of Industry cafe is the first to make its way to America.

Grab a "seat!"

Yes, that is food in a toilet bowl. "Who wants to eat?!!!" No one.

Urinals in the lobby= very good chance someone will one day pee in these for real.

Row of toilet seating.

We're picturing a very awkward double date here.

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