After Dennis Rodman paid a visit to his bestie, Kim Jong-un, in North Korea, the former pro-basketball star checked himself into rehab for alcohol abuse, apparently because he drank so much in North Korea that he was asked to leave the country.

Supposedly, Rodman was so out of control drunk at the Koryo Hotel where he was staying, that even the North Korean authorities were told to keep the story hush, hush so it wouldn’t make the news! However, Free North Korea Radio got word of the incident and released the details of Rodman’s last night in the country.

Rodman was supposedly so drunk that he vomited frequently out in the open, urinated in hallways in front of hotel employees, and even defecated in front of everyone. Employees and onlookers were completely appalled, and have even begun to question Kim Jong-un’s ability to “screen people.” According to a source, on the way out of North Korea, Rodman was told, “never will you be welcome here without completion of your alcohol abuse treatment program.”

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Dennis Rodman entered rehab on his return to the states, and as of February 11th the Washington Times has reported Rodman checked out of rehab and has already gone on a drinking binge in Miami, Florida.

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