Ever since North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jung-un, executed his uncle-in-law, there have been many unconfirmed or yet-to-be confirmed news reports about the details. In this case, we can report that we have "confirmed satirical" news about North Korea. As a joke, it's been reported by Waterford Whispers News that North Korea has landed the first-ever man on the sun.

According to Waterford Whispers News, the astronaut, Hung Il Gong, left for the sun on a specially designed rocket ship and reached it four hours later, landing on the far side of the star of our solar system. North Korean reporters almost breathlessly proclaimed Hung Il Gong a star who would receive a hero's welcome upon his return.

Furthermore, Hung Il Gong is also the supreme leader Kim Jung-un's 17-year-old nephew. He reportedly collected sun spot samples to bring them back as a gift for the supreme leader. His 18-hour mission is already being lauded as the "greatest human achievement of our time" by North Korea's central news agency.

It certainly would be the greatest human achievement, if only it were true. However, it is certainly true that writers at Waterford Whispers have very creative minds to have come up with this piece of reporting. According to the website, "Waterford Whispers News was launched and created by journalist and creative writer Colm Williamson in September 2009 with the noble aim of extracting the urine from everyday news and media events."