Recently, the North Korean government allegedly conducted the public execution of two citizens caught smuggling South Korean dramas into the country. The country's leader, Kim Jung Eun, has designated South Korean dramas as capable of shaking the North Korean regime and has outright banned them. The North Korean government is concerned about South Korean dramas because they are afraid that the dramas are not just a simple pleasure, but actually influence social consciousness and thought.

Free North Korea radio reported that the two people were publicly executed in an airfield located in Hyesan-si on October 27th as an example to others of the severe consequences of this "anti-government activity." According to KBS’s interview with a North Korean official who recently escaped from North Korea, there was one more person killed on the 29th for the same reason.

It seems that these public executions are a clampdown on the "Korean Wave" in North Korea. Recently, South Korean dramas and entertainment programs are flowing fast into North Korean society. It's been reported that North Korean officials admit that they haven't been able to block South Korea’s CDs (dramas), though they succeed in preventing all other CD's from entering. According to South Korean news, North Korean people can watch popular dramas within two or three days after the episodes have aired. Kang Dong Wan, a professor of DongA University, reported that of the twenty-five people he met randomly near the border area of North Korea and China, all of them reported watching South Korean dramas.

Many North Koreans watch these dramas on a DVD player called Notetell, which is popular in North Korea. Experts claim that the popularity of South Korean dramas in North Korea has to do with the diffusion of low-priced DVD players and USBs. It has become easy to copy and watch Korean dramas because these devices easily escape the surveillance system of North Korea. People put North Korean videos into their DVD players but watch South Korean videos by using the USB. When the police arrive to crack down on them, they show them the DVD and hide the USB.

(Source: MBC News, SBS News)