A North Korean spokesman who is close to Kim Jong-un had some unkind words for James Franco and Seth Rogen's new movie, The Interview. The film is about a talk show host (Franco) and a producer (Rogen) who are attempting to get an interview with Kim Jong-un, but their plan the whole time is to assassinate the dictator.

The North Korean spokesman said of the movie, "There is a special irony in this storyline as it shows the desperation of the U.S. government and American society. A film about the assassination of a foreign leader mirrors what the U.S. has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine,” he said. “And let us not forget who killed (President John F.) Kennedy — Americans. In fact, President Obama should be careful in case the U.S. military wants to kill him as well.”

Despite the harsh criticism of American foreign policy, the spokesman said that he thinks Kim Jong-un will still see the movie. Seth Rogen did not seem phased by the comments as he retweeted a story about the controversial remarks.

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