For the first time, female flight attendants from the North Korean airline, Air Koryo, are featured in the annual official calendar. The 2017 calendar presents a big change from the usual format of scenic views and historical landmarks. Take a look!

The cover of the new and people-friendly calendar is printed with "Happy New Year" in English and shows a group of smiling pilots and flight attendants.

According to a news source via Yonhap News, "It is the first time a North Korean calendar carries photos of female flight attendants, way different from previous calendars that mostly carried bland photos of scenic views and cultural sites." 

In all, the flight attendants appear in 9 of the monthly photos. 

You can see the full calendar in this Youtube user-loaded video:

Discussion about the new calendar is becoming a trending topic. It's been speculated that North Korea is promoting tourism to improve its economic condition, as international trade sanctions have been imposed upon the country over its nuclear and missile programs.

It's also worth noting that there are 71 national holidays in North Korea as shown on the calendar.

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