With the news of Kim Jong Il‘s death, South Koreans have been voicing their anxiety and speculations of what the future may hold. Naturally, concern for soldiers on active duty have been raised, especially from the numerous fandoms that have their favorite celebrities in the army.

Celebrities currently serving active military duty include Rain, Hyun Bin, Jung Tae Woo, Im Joo Hwan, Wheesung, T-Max‘s Kim Joon, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Ji Suk, Park Hyo Shin, Kim Heechul, Hwanhee, and Untouchable. With all active soldiers put on red alert, it’s likely that these celebrity soldiers will also put on alert as well.

A source from The National Defense Public Relations Department stated, “With the news of Kim Jong Il’s death, the public relations department (in which the celebrity soldiers serve) have cancelled some of their events… However, [the celebrity soldiers] are carrying out the duties they have been assigned.”

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