A London hair salon recently came under fire from North Korean officials for its "disrespectful" advertisement featuring Kim Jong-Un. The owner, Mo Nabbach, called the incident "very threatening."

Nabbac created an advertisement for his hair salon that had the slogan, "Bad hair day? 15 percent off all gent cuts through the month of April" scrolled across a photo of Kim Jong-Un with his iconic long-hair-with-shaved-sides look. Nabbac's son, Karim, said they put up the poster in good humor after hearing the unconfirmed story that all men in North Korea are now required to wear the same haircut as their leader.

Unfortunately, North Korean officials did not find it at all funny. "We didn't realize but the North Korean embassy is a 10-minute walk from the salon. The next day we had North Korean officials pop into the salon asking to speak to the manager. The two guys were wearing suits and they were very serious," Nabbac said. The two officials then took pictures, demanded his name, and ordered him to remove the poster. "I told them this is England and not North Korea and told them to get their lawyers," said Nabbach.

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Police eventually stepped in to resolve the conflict and Nabbach has now removed the offending poster, but not without it becoming a tourist attraction and making its rounds on the internet first.