North Korea's Air Koryo is considered to be the worst airline in the world, and their plan for fixing it... is reportedly to go bigger.

Air Koryo is the only airline on earth to receive just one, single star on the airline review site Skytrax and isn't even allowed to fly into European Union airspace.

In a move to attract more tourists, the airline has said that it hopes to expand into Southeastern Asia and parts of Europe despite their current ban. Some of the complaints against the airline have been that the flight attendants are cold and distant, the food is bland, and that before take-off, they pass out state-run propaganda newspapers and play revolutionary marching music (And you thought flying coach was bad!) Oh and their website doesn't even work.

So if you're thinking about flying Air should probably just drive.

An Air Koryo flight attendant's happy face.

State-run propaganda newspapers.

Airline food...ummmm, looks like a tupperware full of sad.