Are you surprised to know that North Korea has a passenger airline? It's called Air Koryo. Even more surprising is the news that Air Koryo recently updated its flight attendants' uniforms. Check out the old and the new uniforms and tells us what you think.

Here's the photo comparing the old and the new uniforms. Aside from the color being changed from bright red to navy blue, the new uniform has removed the collar and now reveals the flight attendant's neck. The skirt is definitely shorter but is still modest by Western standard. The flight attendant is also wearing a cap on her head. Overall, the new uniform does look much more modern and gives off a neat flair.

Analysts believe North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jung-Un, personally ordered the uniforms updated to improve service to the passengers. Back in July, Kim visited Pyongyang's airport and said the airline should improve its quality of service.

Of course, Air Koryo has been rated the world's only 1-star airline (the lowest an airline can get) from leading airline reviewer SkyTrax. We are pleased to learn that Air Koryo's quality has been improved with the new uniform.