For the first time in 27 years, North Korea's annual marathon in Pyongyang was opened to the public. By all accounts, the event had some pretty odd rules.

The event included a 10-kilometer run, a half-marathon and a full marathon. While runners mentioned that the process to sign up for the race was fairly easy, it was announced the night before the race that runners had to finish the marathon under four hours because that was when the closing ceremony was going to take place. If you weren't going to finish the race, a bus would pick you up and take you to the finish line.

The marathon also had some bizarre last minute changes including no logos on clothes, no Japanese or American flags, no gear that even mentions the word "America," no snacks, music devices and especially no cameras.

One North Korean official even said stoically of the no camera rule, "Don’t worry about not having photos, we have men to shoot you.” Yikes! Maybe not the best word choice. The runners were also followed with a truck blasting patriotic music which might not be the most inspiring thing to play in a marathon.

While the mandated rules for runners were very odd, many of the runners reported that the people of North Korea were very positive and supportive of the race.