In North Korea, executions seem to be something that can happen at any time, the only requirement being that you upset Mr. Kim. Unfortunately, as a dictator, he can get upset at the drop of a hat, even if he finds out you've been watching Korean dramas.

For all you Korean drama fans, there is no better time than now to thank your lucky stars that you don't live in North Korea. According to news reports out of Japan and elsewhere, Kim Jong Un recently ordered the executions of over 50 party officials for various offenses, with one of them being the treasonable act of watching Korean dramas! Another official was executed for singing a song during a karaoke session and changing the words to disparage the Supreme Leader. What I want to know is, who are these jerks that are ratting these people out, anyway? It's not like Kim Jong Un walked in on someone watching You're Beautiful and caught them in the criminal act. Somebody told on the poor guy, and it ended with him facing a firing squad.

Sometimes these news reports do end up being false. I remember reading about Kim Jong Un ordering one of his top commanders (who happened to be his uncle) to death by being fed alive to 120 wild dogs, but that ended up not being true. Another story I read about last year hasn't been confirmed, but it was on a number of Japanese news sites. On Christmas Eve of 2012, an 86-year-old Finnish man who claimed to be Santa Claus was arrested, accused of being a spy. He was executed on Christmas morning with his two reindeer by being set on fire along with his sleigh. This apparently was reported on North Korean television on Christmas Day.

True or not, I'm sure these stories are pretty close to the grim reality of living in North Korea. Things may not be perfect in our part of the world, but when you imagine what it's like to be living under the Supreme Leader, it's pretty much paradise.

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