The popular AMC show, Breaking Bad might have ended in September, but the real show is just beginning in North Korea. Crystal methamphetamine has become so popular in North Korea that some citizens have set up their own labs to make it. Many North Koreans use the drug to reduce their food intake and even to treat a common cold. As LA Times Beijing Bureau Chief Barbara Demick notes, "Meth is offered as casually as a cup of tea." Demick then went on to say, "People were telling me that they were taking it for colds, for energy, to study, to cut the hunger."

The writer then mentions that meth started taking over under the leadership of the previous North Korean head Kim Jong-il. He created an illegal drug ring to raise hard currency for the cash-strapped nation. Crystal meth use is so rampant in North Korea that in some parts of the country as many as 50 percent of the citizens are addicted to it. The drug is also way less stigmatized in North Korea than it is in most parts of the world.

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