1297398683704_ORIGINAL North Korea's Twitter hackers gave Kim Jong Un a pig nose, but it's not just any pig. There's a bigger story behind the imagery some DramaFever viewers will recognize. North Korea’s government-run Twitter, Flickr, and News accounts were hacked today by someone claiming association with the group "Anonymous" (Anonymous has not confirmed any involvement). Among the content the collective posted was the image of a Wanted poster showing Kim Jong Un as a pig. And not just any pig! pigsy This human-swine combo is none other than the famous "Zhu Ba Jie," or "Pigsy" from the Chinese Monkey King legend. This particular image comes from the 2005 CCTV drama LOTUS LANTERN, starring Park Si Yeon and Liu Xiao Feng. The hackers must have taken inspiration from the famous series itself because the picture they posted is a dead ringer (look at the design of the rake and robe!) for the Pig in LOTUS LANTERN. We're guessing the hackers have watched their fair share of dramas, because this is definitely no accident. So who is this Pigsy? The Chinese legend says that Pigsy is, like the Monkey King, a helper of the monk Xuanzang. However, Pigsy is jealous of the Monkey King and often attempts to bring him down (but in vain, as Pigsy is too clumsy and stupid). Pigsy is a nationwide symbol of gluttony in China, and he is also famously lazy and lustful. His weapon of choice that he always carries with him is a muck rake. With all that said, we're pretty sure these hackers aren't exactly being friendly with the symbolism on Kim Jong Un... The hackers have watched LOTUS LANTERN, but have you? Watch the series for free on DramaFever!