A guest who was invited to celebrate the wedding of EXO's Baekhyun's brother, recently uploaded a anger-filled post regarding the wedding. The post reads:

"The wedding was calm but it became a ruckus as soon as the EXO members arrived. People who weren't initially there followed along and when the EXO members stood up to sing, they all rushed up to the front, going on top of the chairs, taking videos and pictures. Even after the singing, when the bride and groom were cutting the cake, since the members were standing in the back so people were trying to get their signatures and taking pictures, disregarding the bride and groom all the while blocking the ways of actual invited guests. When they were taking pictures of the family, including Baekhyun, they (the fans) would all stand in the front trying to take pictures as well. Other guests were getting frustrated at the situation. I wonder if [the fans] saw the faces of the bride and groom getting darker. Pictures of the guests who happened to be standing around them are also floating around on the web. This is so not right."