Actor Kim Jae Won announced his marriage plans to everyone back in the beginning of June. Not only did he reveal he would be getting married after only eight months of dating, but he also revealed his fiancé was already three months pregnant. His fiancé -- who is not in the entertainment business -- and her family have known Kim Jae Won and his family for quite some time. Even though many netizens and some of you have commented saying this is a "shotgun wedding" at least he just didn't meet her and then bam! he's stuck. I like to the think of the situation as just a fast forwarded version of natural life occurrences. That makes sense right? It does in my head o_0. Well not only do I have a sense of humor about this situation, but Kim Jae Won has one too! So during the press conference for his new drama Scandal, when asked about his upcoming marriage he jokingly quoted the dramas tagline "It's a very shocking and immoral incident." Totally funny and awesome how he took something that he knows has a bit of a negative cloud hanging over it and made it light and fun, yet is still being straight forward about it. He explained that even though he didn't picture himself filling the roles of "husband" and "father" so soon in life, he's excited and extremely happy about it. Well way to go Kim Jae Won for not avoiding the situation and getting what you wanted just a tad bit earlier than planned! ^_^ KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE ( source via mwave )