Warning: Story may not be appropriate for all.

A substitute teacher in Seoul lost his mind in April when he not only beat a student, but then proceeded to masturbate in the hallway right after the incident. Ok, this is what happened; A 55 year old substitute teacher being identified as “Mr. A” was watching over a self-study class when he noticed one of the students was listening to music. When the kid refused to take his ear buds out, supposedly Mr. A totally lost it and started beating up the kid. Now I know in Kdramas we all laugh when the loud mouth teacher gives a good slap to the back of some kids head and calls him a punk, but this is different. Mr. A literally beat the crap out of this kid. While this was all going down, the other students ran out of the class room screaming and what not.

Now what makes this story even worse and really bizarre is immediately after attacking the student, Mr. A then walked into the hallway, dropped his pants and started to masturbate in front of everyone! Mr. A had the nerve to later say he wasn’t masturbating; he was just pulling his pants up because they were falling down (-_-).

Meanwhile practically everyone in the classrooms located in that hallway saw that this was not just some pants falling incident, and one student even recorded it and uploaded it to various social networking sites. Because of that recording, Mr. A had no choice but to admit to his lewd act and was of course arrested.

Now I know you’re thinking this story can’t get any crazier, but it does! The police department reported that Mr. A “does not appear to have any mental problems.” Umm really?! Attacking a student and then getting off in the middle of a school hallway isn’t a clear indication of a mental problem?! Thankfully the Seoul Department of Education isn’t having any of that sick nonsense and removed Mr. A immediately and will be taking legal action.

I've actually found the video that was taken of Mr. A and while it's not completely in focus, and close up so you can't see anything you can clearly see that yes, he is standing there masturbating while other teachers are trying to gain control of the situation and students are yelling etc. The NSFW footage is about 33 seconds and if you choose to, you can watch it below (someone unhelpfully set the footage to Gangnam Style). What do you think should happen to this teacher?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE