First it was Lee Min Ho, then it was Girls' Generation Sunny, now it's Park Shin Hye's turn. During a recent interview with TV report, Park Shin Hye opened up by saying she has been dating on and off without the public's knowledge. 

Park Shin Hye is not currently dating now. Her busy work schedule is the primary culprit, as she continued, “I don’t think I’m good at keeping a long-term relationship. I spend so much time on my work, totally absorbed, that it’s hard for me to date. It’s difficult for both me and my partner.” She also said, "Unfortunately, nobody seems to be attracted to me. I guess it’s not great to have many male friends. It just means that I’m not attractive as a woman. I used to seriously wonder if I had no feminine charms.”

She seems to blames herself for not being able to keep the relationship alive: "It’s so hard for me because dating isn’t just about seeing each other because you like one another. You have to make the effort and sacrifice your own time for your partner. I’m not good at focusing on other stuff when I have something on my mind. That is why I sometimes don’t even contact my friends or family that often. Although I wanted to marry early in the past, I am now far from thinking about marriage just because I have more I want to accomplish as time has passed by.”

I don't think she should blame herself as we've seen similar comments from other celebrities. After saying that it's difficult for anyone to date him, Lee Min Ho recently admitted he finished a secret romance over a year ago and is now dreaming of meeting his fated love in unusual places. On Roommate, Girls' Generation's Sunny recently said she secretly dated another celebrity for a year and said it was difficult to develop the relationship. 

They didn't name names, but the coincidence with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye practically jumps out of Heirs for us. When Lee Min Ho admitted to his year-ago affair, many fans speculated that it was Park Shin Hye that he was referring to. I didn't want to guess. Now, however, it really seems plausible. Do you agree?

It really makes me feel for these stars when reading about the difficulties they described in meeting people, wanting a normal dating life, and breaking up due to long separations as a result of their hectic schedules. Behind the glamorous image and fancy clothing lives a lonely star.

On the other hand, we have seen happy endings too. There are stars who are lucky in finding their soul mates and living happily ever after. For instance, here are 7 couples who'll make you believe in true love again.

See Park Shin Hye's latest role in Pinocchio:

I hope times will change when a celebrity, especially an Asian star, can openly date without being pressured by their extremely vocal fandom and the ever-present paparazzi. With our best wishes, Park Shin Hye will find her true love. And, if by chance that it is with Lee Jong Suk, the one who tells her exactly how things are, and they extend their perfect chemistry from Pinocchio to real life, it will be just fantastic!

What about you? Do you believe in finding true love? Are you waiting for a special love in your life?

~ NancyZdramaland